Experience the Ergon difference

We’re a passionate company with endless capabilities. Our team of trusted consultants are ready to help you find talented and motivated candidates to complete your corporate family.

Why Ergon?

  • We boast a dynamic network of over 30'000 candidates with an unparalleled reach across industries and positions. 
  • We facilitate both temporary (in Belgium) or permanent job searches, and consistently apply the same care and dedication to every search. 
  • We are active in several job profile types: finance, banking, legal, insurance, sales, marketing, HR, supply chain and administration. 
  • We offer you one point of contact, so we can get to know your company deeply and ensure the best follow-up. 
  • We personally screen and interview all of our candidates to make sure we offer only the best talent. 
  • We stay in touch – because we care about the happiness of our clients and our candidates beyond our placements. 

Ready to join forces?

Let us help you find talent and build a motivated workforce. Get in touch to find out more and partner with Ergon.

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